Our original Palm Broomstick production in Sulawesi is a very high quality Broomstick. We really take care of the cleanliness and quality of the Broomstick so that you will not find disappointment in the lack of dryness or black moldy color because we choose the best raw materials by choosing to be sharpened then dried in the sun until maximum dry.


We from Coco Mandar Indonesia CV company produce quality Coconut Broomstick, we have shipped overseas including India and have made long term contracts because the quality is different from the others. the quality of our production is very well maintained in accordance with our company’s vision that commendable behavior in transactions is number one after that the price can be negotiated.¬†


Coco Mandar Indonesia cv is the only big company that has succeeded in producing and exporting Nypa Broomstick Genuine Sulawesi. where the Nypa Broomstick native to Sulawesi has better quality and length because it is taken from the edge of the river in Sulawesi so that the maximum length of the Pujuk Nypa and the Old Leaf of Nypa Nypa reaches 190 cm. so that several companies in India and companies in Pakistan glanced at the Nypa Broomstick from Sulawesi.



Coconut Charcoal Briquette is a solid fuel that contains carbon, has a high calorific value, and can burn for a long time.

Our Company Produces Coconut Shell Charcoal Briquette with a capacity of 30-70 tons Pee month. we already have Msds certificate for your company if you want to import our products to your country. We sincerely hope we can cooperate with you in the future.

Sfesifikasi Coconut Shell Charcoal Briquette

Moisture 6-9%
Ash 2-3 %
Vilatille Matter 9-11 %
Fix Carbon 70-80


Cocofiber is a fiber from coconut coir that has been milled in the shape of long hair and is generally golden yellow or brown in color.

Coconut fiber derivative products consist of several types including cocofiber and cocopeat. Cocofiber can be processed into ropes and door mats, while cocopeat can be used as a growing medium for nurseries and others. below are the product specifications of our company and can help you supply to your company.
Coconut Fiber Specification

Color : Light Brown – Golden Brown
Moisture Content : Max 18-20%
Impurity : Max 3%
Length of coconut fiber : 5-25 cm (5-15 cm Max 20%, 10-25cm Min 60%)
Packaging : 90-120 kg / Bale
Dimensions : 40 x 70 x 110
Load Abilities:
– 40ft HC : 18.5 MT (185 Bale 100 kg)
Production Capacity : 28-35 MT