Our company cv. Coco Mandar Indonesia abbreviated ( COMANDO ) whose full address is at Jalan Poros Sambaliwali, Lappingan. Sambaliwali Village, Luyo District, Polewali Mandar Regency, West Sulawesi, Indonesia. Our company has been established since 2017 and was legally inaugurated and registered with the Ministry of Law and Human Rights on August 21, 2021.

Initially our company was only limited to local sellers and worked in villages. But now we are able to move in large trade such as exporting shell charcoal abroad and other coconut derivatives and we have approximately 66 workers.

Our company is engaged in various fields of activity such as buying and selling coconut shells, coconut sticks and producing coconut shell charcoal, white copra and black copra and other agricultural products, especially for coconut derivatives.
Our company stands with the motto “Give the best quality, competitive prices, transactions that are commendable behavior” as a way of working so that we have full confidence in developing our business.

Our team will continue to strive to continue to work optimally so that they are able to meet the needs of our customers. full confidence to cooperate between islands and countries.

It is a great honor for our prospective customers to be able to include our company in accepting all forms of trust to see, so that CV’s performance can be proven Coco Mandar Indonesia .



Our company strives to provide the best quality with a choice of raw material supply options in the field


Means telling the truth, keeping promises, and treating others fairly and with respect. Integrity is one of our most valuable assets. It cannot be compromised.


It is important that we farm will continue to provide the best to our customers and investors at all times. Our opportunity to serve him is seen as a privilege that should not be taken lightly.


Our company offers product prices and prices that tend to be competitive for all products, making us trusted to have various customers and business partners both locally and abroad.


The products we produce are produced in the land of Sulawesi which is famous for its fertile soil and is one of the largest commodities in Indonesia, making our products have better and more yields